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Our attorneys represent companies of all sizes in general business and corporate matters. We also assist entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises in all aspects of business formation, management and governance. With a comprehensive transactional practice that includes everything from forming corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) to drafting and negotiating business purchase and sale agreements, we also routinely represent our business and corporate clients in complex litigation, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.

In addition to representing business entities, the attorneys in our general business and corporate matters practice also advise individual owners and executives with respect to estate planning, tax planning and risk mitigation.

Full-Service Representation for Business and Corporate Transactions and Litigation

With clients ranging from local businesses and regional banks to large publicly-traded corporations, we offer the full spectrum of business and corporate legal services. This includes providing transactional and litigation representation in the areas of:

Business Formation and Restructuring

From a legal perspective, forming a business entity is one of the first steps toward getting up and running. However, deciding what type of entity to form requires careful consideration of numerous issues, including judgment liability, tax liability, ownership and control, and transferability of shares. Certain types of business entities will better serve certain objectives, and forming an entity under the laws of the state where you intend to operate may or may not be the best option. Our attorneys can help you make strategic decisions so that your business entity does not unnecessarily restrict your ability to operate, obtain financing or sell your company down the line.

In addition to assisting clients with business formations, we routinely represent clients in restructuring transactions as well. There are a variety of reasons why a business may need to restructure, and understanding the reason for restructuring is crucial to determining the best course of action. Our attorneys work closely with our clients’ leaders and in-house counsel to identify all of the pertinent issues and execute restructuring transactions that serve our clients’ legal needs while mitigating or possibly avoiding tax liability. We also maintain an extensive bankruptcy practice and have experienced corporate bankruptcy lawyers who represent clients in federal liquidation and reorganization proceedings across the country.

Estate Planning

For business owners and executives, preparing a comprehensive and carefully-considered estate plan takes on heightened importance. Our attorneys advise shareholders in privately-held businesses, licensed private practitioners, and other high-net-worth clients with respect to all aspects of wealth preservation and estate planning. Along with preparing wills and trusts and planning for incapacity, this also includes establishing private foundations, planning for business succession, and mitigating estate and gift tax liability.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a core component of virtually any type of business or corporate transaction. From appropriately structuring corporations, partnerships and LLCs to mitigate entity-level and owner tax liability to avoiding income and capital gains taxes in restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, our attorneys utilize strategic tax planning to our clients’ full advantage. We are experienced in addressing the tax implications of real estate transfers and other types of transactions as well; we examine the complete picture in order to determine how strategic tax planning can provide the greatest overall financial advantage for our client.