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“Will the Pandemic Prompt an ‘Exodus’ of Women Lawyers?”

August 9, 2021 General

Judy Perry Martinez recently joined seven other former women American Bar Association presidents at the annual ABA meeting to discuss an issue critical to the legal profession. Current ABA president Trish Refo delivered the message that while the profession has accomplished so much to help women, we “have so much more work to do together.” Martinez, who faced the pandemic during her tenure as president, addressed the question of whether the recent exodus of women in the legal profession will continue. She said, “Whether we will see an exodus of women from the profession depends on each of us—not only the eight of us here but everyone gathered for this assembly, the leaders of law firms and in-house law departments, government agencies and other places of legal employment. Because it’s right now and right here that we have to take the action necessary in order to make sure that these valued individuals within our profession know that we are listening to them and what they need to be at their best.”

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