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Simon, Peragine Attorneys Featured in New Orleans Magazine’s List of Best Lawyers

September 3, 2019 News
The following made the list, in these categories: David Bienvenu Insurance Banking Law Torts-Insurance Betty Mullin Insurance Banking Law Construction Disputes Insurance Tom Blum Products Liability General Litigation Natural Resources Jim Burton Business Law Leases Transactions Dan Caruso General Trial Practice Admiralty and Maritime Law Insurance Tom Fischer Contracts Professional […]

“Two if by Sea”: Punitive Damages Reinvade American Shores

September 2, 2019 News
Sinkings and spills on the Mississippi River and elsewhere can now result in an award of punitive damages. Up until recently, punitive damages had been for the most part a problem of the past, particularly in Louisiana. This was because here in 1996, in the era of “tort reform”, the […]

Commercial Leasing in a Down Market

August 30, 2019 News
In some cities with recently booming economies – Miami comes to mind – a great rush of development, both commercial and residential, led to a large inventory of vacant space that went begging when the economic downturn and credit squeeze gripped the country. This exerted strong downward pressure on rents […]

Bystander Damages: Lejeune And Its Progeny

August 29, 2019 News
When LeJeune v. Rayne Branch Hospital, 556 So.2d 559 (La. 1990) finally reached the Louisiana Supreme Court, Justice Calogero wrote an opinion specifically recognizing, with restrictions, a bystander’s rights to sue for damages. In order to file suit, the claimant had to (1) view the accident or come upon the accident […]