Appellate PracticeSimon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn, LLP has an experienced and effective appellate practice group which handles writs and appeals, both in-house and by referral from other attorneys, in all Louisiana state and federal courts, and various other federal appellate courts including the United States Supreme Court. The appellate group is led by Jim Burton, Susan Clade, and Susan Caruso. Together they have over one hundred years of experience in preparing and presenting briefs (usually on behalf of litigants but also as amicus curiae), writ applications and oral arguments. They are backed up by all of the resources and expertise of SPS&R in handling special situations and dealing with all areas of the law.
The appellate group achieves maximum efficiency by building on the good work done by the trial lawyers, taking a fresh look to identify the arguments that will be most persuasive to the appellate court, and presenting those issues and making those arguments in clear, concise briefs and, if requested, oral arguments by appellate and trial lawyers within the firm. The group can undertake specific, limited assignments (such as the preparation of briefs or writ applications), or handle an entire appeal from record-lodging and request for oral argument through decision. It performs its agreed work on time and on budget, and maintains good communication with trial counsel.

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